These recommendations have been given for a Finnish emotion thesaurus “TUNTEET-sanakirja”, which is based on the SDG*Chart of Emotions. That book is available in several Finnish university libraries.


“This project has required a lot of work, which is reflected in the coverage and versatility of the descriptions.

The thesaurus is helpful for those who want to know how emotions are related and what kind of synonyms they have.

Especially emotion researchers  will benefit from this kind of tool. “


Markku Ojanen

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

University of Tampere


“There is now a thesaurus that can be used to assist in many emotional contexts from emotional education to research in different fields. “


Seija Tuovila, PhD

Senior Lecturer

University of Lapland


Tuovila´s doctoral dissertation : “Such emotions. The semantics of emotion words in the Finnish language.” 


“An important observation in the study of emotions is that  feeling as an experience is a continuum. The extremes are positive and negative experiences. Thus, the basic emotions can build a so-called chart of emotions “


Pauli Niemelä

Professor Emeritus of Social Policy

University of Eastern Finland


“The SDG *Chart of emotions has been drafted extremely well and it has required much familiarity to emotional issues.

It is great that the experience of inner peace is situated  as the centerpiece.  When such a peace does not exist, the balance indeed has moved to some direction like the scales of emotions well show.

This chart helps to identify and differentiate emotions by naming them. “


Tia Isokorpi,  PhD

Senior Lecturer, CSLE

HAMK/ Häme University of Applied Sciences


Isokorpi´s doctoral dissertation “Emotional Intelligence Skills and Communal Learning with the Aid of Reflection of Experiences and the Group Process”