Here you´ll find instructions how to easily scan the SDG*Chart of emotions through.

Please first go through all the eight emotion scales.  They are called as follows :

1)Good realationship  2)Doing right 3)Presence of good  4)Pursuit  5)Poor relationship 6)Doing wrong  7)Absence of good  8)Giving up


Then you can scan through all the vertical columns from down to up.  When doing so, you´ll notice some logical and positive changes in  moods.  These scales could be named like this :

1)from symptoms to lust  2)from stagnation to admiration  3) from suspicion to decisiviness 4)from depression to fulfillment  5)from brokenness to cosiness 6) from despair to euphoria  7)from alienation to wholeness  8)from agony to creativity  9)from fickleness to certainty  10)from disgust to liveliness  11)from inability to vitality


It takes some ten minutes to scan the SDG*Chart of Emotions through.

When you have looked through all the 121 emotions, it would be practical to put a print of the chart somewhere where you can take a glance now and then.  That will help you get better the idea of the near emotions of the chart and you can start to use this chart and boost your EQ.

By the way – one dean of the University of Jyväskylä keeps the SDG*Chart of emotions on his desk…



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