A)Realizing the connection between breathing patterns and emotion scales happened just by accident.


Many years ago I saw an old lady and her little white dog from my apartment window.  The lady took a very long and deep inhale.  That gave me an idea.  Indeed it was already written in the concept of the chart given by God, but it needed to be discovered…

You can read more about the development of the SDG*Chart of emotions here.


B)Surprising observations – nasty or pleasing  – will be  carved into our brain creating long lasting memories.  That´s why the first encounters  are so crucial. There´s an informative article about emotions and memory in this website.

On the 11th of September  in 2001 I was listening to a lecture about the Book of Revelation.  You may also remember what you were doing at that time.


C)In a Finnish weblog written some ten years ago a young woman told that even her PMS symptoms were relieved after she had worked through her painful emotions from the past.

If you suffer from some unexplained pain , you should read this article.  It may give you  ideas about what is happening inside  your mind and body.





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