It becomes possible to handle your inner feelings when you find the right words for them. (1)

For example SDG*Chart of emotions with 121 emotion words in French can be seen here .  You can find also English, German, Spanish, Russian, Swedish and Finnish versions of this emotional model by clicking MAPS in the front page.

You don´t need to hold those emotions in your body as psychosomatic symptoms. Naming emotions is also the cornerstone for better emotional intelligence, which  leads to successful achievements in life.

Smileys or emoticons or emojis do not replace naming emotions!


The   nine basic emotions  in the SDG*Chart of emotions are  affection and hatredsadness and gladness, fear and courage and as the last emotional couple admiration and  disgust.  Peace in the center is also included to the basic emotions.

This small chart has been used for emotional education  by Finland´s Teacher of the Year 2013,  Kai-Ari Lundell.


aalku-enkkupikkupainkartta1)There can be found a counter emotion or explaining emotion for every single emotion on the SDG*Chart of emotions.  Those counter emotions are written below  each feeling word on the larger chart.

With these counter emotions you can try to navigate from negative moods to  more positive feelings. For example if you feel guilty you should take responsibility for what you have done.

2)You can find  near emotions around every emotion on the chart. There are altogether 121 emotions in the chart in a very strict order.

To make this more realistic let´s take the emotion dependence  as an example.


Here above you can see the following emotions surrounding dependence : inferiority, shame, need, affection, pleasure, connection, fascination and submissiveness. Most of these emotions are familiar to a person who is addicted and he/she should work on those feelings. These emotions are situated in the lower right corner of the chart.

3)There are altogether eight emotion scales on the chart.  The third example can be taken from the emotion scale going to the left from the hub.  It´s called POOR RELATIONSHIP.  There you can see that anger is followed by injustice.


You can find altogether eight emotions in the continuum of POOR RELATIONSHIP : peace, confusion, injustice, anger, hatred, rage, cruelty and hysteria.  It´s possible to get back  the peace of mind after forgiving the injustice being faced.  Before that it´s necessary to go somehow through those angry feelings in your mind.

4)You can scan all the eight emotion scales with  a short Slideshare -presentation on the OVERVIEW -page .

On that slideshow you will  also see what kind of breathing patterns are typical for each of those continuums. That is a piece of information you can´t find on any other website in the whole world.

5)A guide on how to scan all the 121 emotions in a couple of minutes  available on the TOUR-page.

If you  go through all the eight colored emotion scales first and then scan the 11 emotional columns from down to up, you can examine these 121 feeling words. They encompass the whole emotional spectrum.

Download your own clear copy of SDG*Chart of emotions now!

SDG*Chart of emotions is available in seven languages.

The quickstart guide may also be useful?

(1) http://newsroom.ucla.edu/stories/putting-feelings-into-words-155536



Photo by Vivek Chapek


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